Text Your Friend a Drink From the Comfort of Your Couch

Hope they like vodka.Photo: Belvedere Vodka
BlackBook points out that Belvedere, ever on the lookout for ways to hook the cool kids (you’ll remember the series of ads with Ken Friedman, Daniel Boulud, the Tenjune team, and others), has launched a Website that allows you to send a “drink code” to a friends’ phone or e-mail that they can redeem for free vodka. It’s kind of genius — this way you can buy your favorite boozehounds a birthday drink (or a bottle, if you’re feeling generous) without having to be at the obnoxious bar where they’re throwing their party. Indeed, most of the participating venues are places you wouldn’t send your worst enemy (Señor Swanky’s? Wicked Willy’s?). Let’s hope Belvedere’s marketing people get with it and add to the few standouts like Devin Tavern and Dylan Prime.

The Belvedere’s On Us [BlackBook]