Test-driving Tabla's FreshDirect Meals

freshdirect tabla meal

Can Floyd Cardoz follow in Terrance Brennan's footsteps.

FreshDirect, knowing full well that theres no prepared food we won't taste-test, sent us the latest line of celebrity-chef meals, from Tablas Floyd Cardoz. The last time a line of these "four-minute meals" came out, from Picholines Terrance Brennan, we taste-tested it, and the Undisputed King of Cheeses came out a little battered by our crack panel of tasters. So weve reassembled them to try five FreshDirect entres: pork-rib vindaloo, tamarind-glazed salmon, chickpea masala, Goan shrimp-and-chile fry, and black-pepper-braised lamb shank. So, at between $10 and $12 each, are they worth it? Here are the results.

The panel was unanimous in liking the chickpeas and lamb best. While the latter was praised as meaty and lamby, not too spicy!, and worth eating even if you had to pay for it, the chickpeas earned the single highest praise of the panel: It seems like what I tasted at Tabla. Some of the other entres werent so lucky, however. The best that was said of the salmon was that its not too fishy, the shrimp were bland and washed out, and of the pork-rib vindaloo, the less said the better. It was overwhelmingly vinegary, bony, and gross, with as little meat on it as a Milan runway show. All in all, though, the panel was impressed with the meals. They look like restaurant food, anyway, one taster said. If you put it in front of your girlfriend, she might be fooled. Some of it actually tastes pretty good.

Tabla 4-Minute Meals [FreshDirect]
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