Matzo Snacks Unavailable for Passover? It Has to Be a Conspiracy!

Maybe we should go to Bar Matzo, in L.A.
Maybe we should go to Bar Matzo, in L.A. Photo: iStockphoto

Can someone please explain to us how Manischewitz was able to figure out a way to run out of matzo snacks during Passover? The company, the largest producer of Passover food and wine in the country, blames engineering problems for an especially untimely shortage of their beloved Tam Tam crackers. That would be like Brach’s running out of candy corn for Halloween or a sports bar having a chicken-wing shortage on Super Bowl Sunday. Actually, it’s worse! And don’t think the irony of it is wasted on area Jews. The Times, which has the story on its City Room blog, quotes a blogger on Jewish news site JTA on the shortage of Tam Tam crackers as saying, “This is the single worst catastrophe…in recent memory.” Of course, it is! And Manischewitz is all to blame for it. As if the Jews hadn’t suffered enough!

It’s ‘Hide the Matzo,’ for Real: Where Are the Tam Tams? [NYT]