Recession Keeps Stephen Starr Restaurants in the Family

Starr market.
Starr market. Photo: Getty Images

Stephen Starr tells Gael Greene today that he’s taking shares of his restaurants off the market. (Who knew they were even on the market?) “We wanted a compatible partner to help grow the business aggressively. We talked to some people I didn’t feel were the right match for us.” Starr also revealed plans for a 120-room boutique hotel in Manhattan, though he declined to give a location. And he dished to the Insatiable Critic about B.R. Guest stakeholder Barry Sternlicht. “I’m glad I didn’t get bought by a Sternlicht or some other huge company where it’s all about quick growth and not necessarily about quality and taste.” Hear that, Steve Hanson?

Short Order [Insatiable Critic]