Quercy Serves As Movie Set for a Night

When you go see Gigantic, look for Quercy.Photo: Jonathan Bourland
A cab ride down Court Street late last night (this morning?) revealed klieg lights and a trailer outside Quercy. “Huh,” we muttered. “They must be filming something.” Another night-owl friend IMed this morning: “So they’re filming a movie with John Goodman and Zooey Deschanel at Quercy.” Utilizing our IMDb research skills, we surmised the film is Gigantic, starring Paul Dano as Brian and Deschanel as Happy in “a comedy centered around a mattress salesman and the young woman whom he meets at his store.” (Sounds a little like Punch-Drunk Love, no?) Quercy confirmed the shoot today, but said it was only a one-night event. Unfortunately our Easter dinner there will not be so star studded. —Aileen Gallagher

Gigantic [IMDb]