Psychic Predicts Atomic Bomb, Momofuku’s Survival

The latest Urban Daddy newsletter is hitting in-boxes right about now, and today’s edition features an interview with noted psychic Judi Hoffman. Amidst her predictions about the fate of Eliot Spitzer, Steve Jobs’s next invention, and the direction of the real-estate market, she also takes a moment to play Gastrodamus:

UD: What about the [forecast for the] LES?
JH: It’s way too oversaturated, and the unlabeled restaurants thing is going to be over, the kind where you need the phone number or a psychic to find the place. Everything I say about restaurants, though, doesn’t apply to Momofuku. I love Momofuku. After the atomic bomb, all that will be left will be cockroaches and Momofuku.

And even then, you still won’t get a reservation at Ko.