Noel Ashman to Film Life Story, Open Clubs in NYC and A.C.


The new Dito Montiel?Photo: Patrick McMullan

To the canon of classic NYC party movies you might soon be able to add the story of promoter turned club owner Noel Ashman. He tells us that his production company, Co.Op, which he runs with Jeffrey Tambor, Amy Redford, and others, has done two treatments for an as-yet-untitled film loosely based on his lifes story, which involves getting kicked out at the age of 13, having to throw parties to pay his rent, and eventually becoming the owner of clubs such as the second incarnation of Studio 54, Veruka, NA, and most recently the Plumm. Ashman is doing the movie with music producer Che Vicious it will be set in the mid-to-late eighties in and around the Plumms predecessor Nells, where Ashman promoted, and may star Plumm investor Jesse Bradford. Meanwhile, back in the real world, Ashman tells us hes looking at opening new clubs in Manhattan (possibly east of the Plumm) and trend alert! Atlantic City.