Niagara and Black and White Owners Also Behind Bowery Electric

bowery electric

Killed Remote Lounge's tvs.Photo: Melissa Hom

Encouraging news about Bowery Electric, the bar that’s poised to hold down the rock-and-roll fort amid the more upscale boîtes that are coming to the Bowery (not to mention CBGB’s future role as a John Varvatos store next month): We’ve learned that in addition to Mike Stuto of HiFi (and Brownies before that), it’s owned by Jesse Malin and Johnny T of Niagara and Black and White (and in Malin's case, Coney Island High before those), which is a hell of a pedigree. Right now the bar is the picture of simplicity, and, given the gatekeepers, we suspect it’ll stay that way.

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