Momofuku Ko to Open Next Week; Wheat Prices to Affect Pizza and Bagel Lovers

Momofuku Ko is scheduled to open on March 12, and once the friends-and-family period ends, the only way to get in will be through online reservations. [Eater]

Café Boulud still has the power to draw big names like Tom Ford, Barbara Walters, and Bruce Springsteen. [WSJ]

The same I.D. scanners that help keep out underage drinkers at nightclubs are also helping police track down the various shooters and stabbers that frequent these places. [NYP]

You might not care too much about the rising cost of wheat, at least not until a slice of pizza costs you four dollars. [NYDN]

Frank Bruni takes a moment to wonder why the diners he sees are so skinny if fatty comfort foods are in right now. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

Upper East Side restaurant Talia’s Steakhouse recently began serving “kosher” cheeseburgers using tofu cheese, and not everyone is happy about it. [NYP]

Ed Levine claims that the best gelato in New York is being served in a tanning salon in Bensonhurst, which sounds so strange that it might be true. [Ed Levine’s New York Eats]

Easter Sunday is really sneaking up on us this year, with only twenty days to go until the holiday. If you’re looking for a special (and especially pricey) brunch, reserve tables at Eleven Madison Park, BLT Market, and San Domenico. [Zagat]