Don’t Try to Shmear Bacaro’s Hosts; Burger King Wants You

Bacaro manager Kama Geary treats everyone like a VIP and would prefer you not try to use cash to get a table. [Eater]

• Michael Psilakis loves that diners at Mia Dona are tapping into the unpretentious atmosphere and ordering pitchers of PBR. [Bottomless Dish/Citysearch]

• Burger King is spending between $8 and $11 million on advertising aimed at recruiting managers and employees for its franchises. Are you King material? [NYT]

• The key to Veselka’s burger perfection is, well, pretty much everything: the successful layering of complementary textures and flavors, tied together with an orthodox attention to proportion and cooking. [Chow]

• In case you didn’t already know, the city’s semi-private nightlife scene is housed entirely below 23rd Street. [Gridskipper]