Marcel and Hung to Hang Together Next Week

Hung and Marcel: together at last.Photo courtesy Bravo
The two most unpopular members of the cast of Top Chef seasons two and three, Marcel Vigneron and Hung Huynh, are actually pretty good buddies. You didn’t know that, did you? Well, neither did we. But the proof of it is that Hung, who is currently doing a guest stint at Solo restaurant, has invited Marcel, he of the pointy hair and molecular gastronomy, to work with him on his dinner at Food and Wine’s Best New Chefs event on April 3. We had some sport with Marcel in the past, but there’s no question that he has a lot of talent and will one day be a force in his own right. (He has just left his previous job at Company American Bistro at the Luxor.) Marcel will be in the kitchen with Hung on the days leading up to the event, so if you want to meet him in the flesh, stop in to Solo on the April 1 or 2.

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