Gordon Ramsay's Flaws Are Not His Own; Cockroach Drops In at Waverly

Notoriously hot-headed Gordon Ramsay claims he doesnt like to swear and blames his potty mouth on the industry: [A]ny chef would be a hypocrite if they didnt admit to swearing in the kitchen. [NYDN]

A cockroach supposedly fell on a Brazilian C-listers head the other night at the Waverly Inn, but the restaurant suspects the story may have been a ploy to get a better table. By the Brazilian, not the roach. [NYP]

An economic downturn doesnt mean tough restaurant reservations will be any easier to score, and if restaurateurs follow Drew Nieporents lead, entre prices wont be declining. [NYT]

Despite failed attempts at selling non-fried chicken in the past, KFC is gearing up to start serving grilled chicken in select U.S. cities, in hopes of luring back those health-conscious customers it apparently thinks it once had. [NYDN]

A Bronx man is suing Wendys after chipping his tooth on a screw that had been cooked into his burger. [NYP]

Starbucks planned changes for improving their drinks are nothing to get excited about, so just head to the Mercury Dime if its great coffee youre after. [Guest of a Guest]

A meat factory in Arkansas mysteriously blew up. Was it eco-terrorists? Or just ammonia? [AP]