Laurent Tourondel's Recipes Feed South Pole Residents; Greek Diner Ownership Declines

Laurent Tourondel may not be working on a restaurant in Trump Soho, but he keeps himself busy with tasks like advising cooks at the South Pole on how to replicate his recipes. [WSJ]

Saturdays East Side crane accident leveled Irish tavern Fubar, which fortunately was not open at the time. [NYP]

The owner of Stage Deli, which was shut down for health violations including a severe vermin infestation, claims the problems are limited only to the basement level, but last time we checked, rats arent really afraid of infesting restaurants at street level. [NYT]

Greek-owned diners are slowly changing hands since no one in their families wants to stay in the business. Does this mean there will be less Feta on the menu? [NYT]

Dine-In Brooklyn, the boroughs own version of Restaurant Week, starts a week from today and offers three-course meals at participating venues for $23. [Zagat Buzz]

James Beards recipes may not be the most delicious, but we cant hold that against him. After all, he did help turn cooking into a national pastime, so he can be forgiven for his Mystery Cake recipe, which calls for canned tomato soup. [NYT]