Ilan Hall’s Williamsburg Dinner Was a Beau Monde Bash

Ilan Hall Dinner

Here's to us, and those like us!Photo:

Ilan Halls last night in town before departing out west to open his tapas truck looks like it was a pretty sweet one, judging from the images of Fridays charity dinner. As we wrote last week, Studiofeast, a swank culinary collective, a.k.a. underground supper club, brought in the Top Chefatlarge to cook a fairly elaborate meal for charity. (A portion of the proceeds went to the West Side Campaign Against Hunger.) The slideshow is thin on images of dishes like Hall's bacon-poached swordfish or crispy American Lamb breast with ginger and mint vinegar, but it was enlightening sociologically. Is it just us, or does this look like the Logans Run of supper-club events? We knew that Ilan was a member of the beau monde, but assumed that at least some of his customers would be the usual Billyburg lows. In fact, they all looked like people you would expect to be friends with Ilan.

Studiofeast: Special Ilan Hall dinner [Studiofeast]

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