Huzzah! More Ramen for the East Village!

Pictured: generic ramen, as opposed to signature ramen.
Pictured: generic ramen, as opposed to signature ramen.Photo: IStockphoto

On the theory that you can never have enough ramen bars in the East Village, Ippudo, yet another Japanese import, will open on March 31. According to Andrea Strong, Ippudo will be in “an urban-styled log cabin hut” (um, okay…) and will serve five kinds of ramen, “including their signature Shiromaru Moto-Aji (white-pork-based broth ramen) and Akamaru Shin-Aji (a bolder-flavored red broth seasoned with garlic olive oil and their secret sauce).” Will Ippudo succeed where Momofuku, Setagaya, Minca, and others have also succeeded? Why not? The liquor license and specialty sake cocktails certainly won’t hurt.

This Just In: Ippudo to Open March 31st! [Strong Buzz]
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