Get Your Seder on at Seymour Burton

Seymour Burton is liked by many Gentiles, as well.
Seymour Burton is liked by many Gentiles, as well. Photo: Jeremy Liebman

Consider the exiled East Village Jew: She sits in a 350-square-foot walk-up tenement inferior to the one her great-grandmother occupied a hundred years earlier. She hasn’t been to shul in years. Her Sri Lankan boyfriend took her for a whole hog feast at Daisy May for their anniversary. But there’s still a way for her to get back to her Jewish roots, because Seymour Burton is doing a Seder on April 20, the second night of Passover.

When asked for a reason for the special, single-seating meal, owner Adam Cohn had a simple, ready answer: “We’re Jews.” He stresses, though, that the food will be up to Seymour Burton’s usual standards of cookery. “We’re not sure what the menu will be yet, but we’ll be taking a wide latitude within the tradition of Ashkenazi cooking. There’s no reason why bitter greens can’t be arugula, for example.” Interested in attending? Call the restaurant and reserve ASAP. There’s only room for 50. You might have extra duty as well: The youngest diner there will be on the spot to answer all four traditional questions, starting with “why is this night different from all other nights?” — which should be fairly self-evident.