Fake Butter Harming Chefs?; Crave Ceviche Bar Closed by Crane Accident

A federal investigation is under way in New York’s kitchens to measure the hazards cooks face when handling an ingredient in artificial butter that is known to cause tissue damage. [Seattle Post Intelligencer]

Frank Bruni thinks Thomas Keller should just stick to what he knows and avoid this casual-dining nonsense he puts on at Ad Hoc. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

Sexy British TV chef Nigella Lawson has reportedly put on some weight, with one catty source saying, “The result is a butt like a Budweiser horse.” [NYP]

Crave Ceviche Bar is yet another victim of this weekend’s crane accident; the restaurant will be closed until April to assess its damages. [Eater]

Not only does the Rusty Knot seem like a fun bar, but they’ve got some delightful bar food. Chicken liver, bacon, and avocado sandwich, anyone? [Down by the Hipster]
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Blue Hill’s Dan Barber doesn’t think we need calorie figures on menus, but he would like there to be an origin-of-farm label, “because it would connect us back to our food.” [LAT]