Ethan Hawke Hits Qdoba; ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Reunion at D’Or

Clearly misses Benny's Burritos.
Clearly misses Benny’s Burritos. Photo: Getty Images

Last week Todd Barry told us he was a Chipotle man and we noted that a couple of respected chefs were too — but it seems Ethan Hawke, for one, prefers naked burritos to burrito bols, if a recent sighting at Qdoba Mexican Grill is any indicator. Are notable New Yorkers embracing casual dining chains? Lizzie Grubman did take her client Tailor Made to, um, the Olive Garden…

Beatrice Inn: Topher Grace looking scruffy and “less skinny.” [Gawker]
Blue Fin: Paula Abdul and friend ordering “a ton of dessert” after their meal, then sending it all back. [NYDN]
Brother Jimmy’s: Giants David Tyree getting takeout. The waitress asked him if he would catch the bag of food with his head. [NYP]
Butter: Jay-Z, Jermaine Dupri, Djimon Hounsou, and Larry Johnson hanging out. []
Café Habana: Ryan Gosling in a black coat and T-shirt, with a bearded buddy. [Gawker]
Da Silvano: Pete Wentz dining with Platinum Rye Entertainment president Ryan Schinman. [NYP]
D’Or: Tori Spelling, celebrating the release of her memoir with Jennie Garth. [E!]
Gray’s Papaya: Lou Diamond Phillips sans hot dog, looking agitated. [Gawker]
Hiro: Marc Jacobs’s beau, Jason Preston, getting a beating outside after standing up for a female clubgoer who got hit by a thrown drink. [NYP]
John’s Pizzeria: John Goodman and a hefty pal ordering a large pie and pitcher of beer. [Gawker]
Kobe Club: Lindsay Lohan having dinner with sister Ali and friends. [E!] Tom Brady with Gisele Bündchen, who ordered two desserts for herself. [NYP]
Los Dados: Tyson Beckford and Rosie Perez with the cast of The Wire. [NYP]
Michael’s: Warren Buffet “drawing reverential stares” from patrons, seated near Leonard Lauder with Bonnie Fuller, and Kevin Kline, Andrew Stein, and Irwin Winkler with Diane Sawyer. [NYP]
Morandi: Martha Stewart having Sunday brunch and looking very thin “in a good way.” [Gawker]
Olive Garden: Lizzie Grubman looking slightly embarrassed to be lunching with I Love New York 2’s Tailor Made. [Gawker]
Pangea: Parker Posey looking a little lost at an event. [Gawker]
Park Avenue Liquor: Anne Hathaway buying five bottles of Lucid absinthe for a party. [NYP]
Prime: Josh Hartnett and crew, asking about DJ AM appearance, only to find out that they had missed the appearance … by two weeks. [NYP]
Qdoba Mexican Grill: Ethan Hawke grabbing lunch to go. [Gawker]
Shun Lee: Nicolina DiSpirito swapping meatball recipes with son Rocco for her 82nd birthday. [NYP]
Spotlight Live: Ashley Parker Angel sporting perfectly manicured bangs at the Hairspray after-party. [Gawker]
’21’: Chris North laughing after a friend toasted to North’s new son by saying, “To a full head of hair! To a large [bleep]!” [NYP]