David Bouley’s End Run Goes for Touchdown: Liquor License Approved

Why is this man smiling?
Why is this man smiling? Photo: Patrick McMullan

When will people learn? You can’t keep David Bouley down. The chef’s ballsy end run around his opponents on the Community Board 1 subcommittee worked, and last night the full committee gave Bouley approval for his new restaurant, Brush Stroke. Eater, who has the story, reports that part of the motivation for CB1 may have been the fact that all the publicity surrounding Bouley’s war made “Tribeca look bad, like a place where no one would want to come and do business.” Whereas, of course, it’s all smooth sailing there. Or not, as Eater also points out that Brush Stroke is in violation of the dreaded 500-foot rule and will no doubt be fighting battles about that until the next Ice Age.

The Un-Drying of NYC: Bouley’s Brush Stroke Victorious! [Eater]
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