Daniel’s Dominique Ansel Lays the City’s Biggest Easter Egg

Don't even ask about the creamy center.
Don’t even ask about the creamy center. Photo: Barry Johnson

Yesterday, we presented some nice dessert porn, in the form of a gorgeous slideshow of the city’s top Easter treats. Today brings us an even more prurient image: the 80-pound, three-foot-high chocolate egg created by Dominique Ansel of Daniel to celebrate Easter. Sadly, the brown behemoth won’t be available for eating anytime soon. “You could eat it, though; it’s very good,” the chef says. “It’s all Valrhona chocolate. I just decided to make it one day. I told Daniel, ‘I have a small egg here.’ He saw it and said, ‘Oh, shit!’ He loves it.” The egg will be on display through next week in Daniel’s lobby.

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