Colors Back From the Dead, But Are Workers Happy Now?

By all accounts Colors — the restaurant opened by former employees of Windows on the World — was as good as closed. But the AP reports a recent turnaround, thanks to a voluntary pay cut, a new chef, and a “tighter chain of command.” Left unmentioned in the article is the aftermath of Colors’ greatest ignominy: charges made by workers that the co-op restaurant, which was established with great fanfare as a way to empower labor, was being run in an abusive and coercive way, with management withholding wages, reneging on ownership promises, and dragooning workers to attend social-justice protests supported by management or face firing. A subsequent lawsuit, primarily concerned with ownership issues, was filed by workers in State Supreme Court in last July. So what happened to the suit? We called Colors to find out, but management was busy protesting at City Hall in favor of the Responsible Restaurant Act. The level of irony here is yet to be determined.

Restaurant Started By September 11 Survivors Fights To Stay Open [AP via NYS]