‘BlackBook’ Calls It: Submercer Will Be ‘Next Beatrice’

scott solish

Beyond the red door...Photo: Down by the Hipster

Back when we introduced you to the Beatrice Inn and predicted it would be the scenester spot of the season, we had no idea the season would last over a year. According to ever-with-it BlackBook, a lounge worthy of luring away everyone whos sick of it has finally come along, and its the newly reopened Submercer. In attendance last night for a Radar Entertainment party: Mark and Charlotte Ronson, Marisa Tomei, Hana Soukupova, Sante DOrazio, Alex Wang, and Ed Westwick. Also there, apparently, was Down by the Hipsters Scott Solish, who posts a slideshow from the event (a big heh! to the haters).

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