Befriend Nur Khan If You Want to Get Into Rose Bar

Not the nucleus of the room.
Not the nucleus of the room.

Today, Steve Lewis sits down with Rose Bar creative director Nur Khan, formerly of Wax, Sway, and Hiro. If you’ve ever been turned away by Damian the doorman (we hear even the D.J.’s are only allowed two guests while they spin), now you’ll know why: Khan says that at any given time, he knows 90 percent of people in the room, which he loves like a child. So how does he deal with those pesky non-celeb hotel guests?

We’ve put a policy in place where I take X amount of hotel guests per hour, and there’s room for my personal guests as well.…It’s balanced in a way where it doesn’t feel like your typical hotel bar. Like I said, I do the seating chart every night so I know who is going to be sitting where. This area over here [near the Julian Schnabel rug] is the nucleus of the room.

If you’re not seated in the love zone, don’t go off in a huff. Says Nur, “It drives me absolutely crazy to see people walk out of my room.” Not as crazy as it drives us when we can’t walk into it!

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