Beatrice Inn Owners Hoping to Open Boîte in Puck Building

From the Puck Building to Atlantic City.
From the Puck Building to Atlantic City. Photo: Getty Images

We’ve heard rumors that the team behind Beatrice Inn is doing something in the basement space of the Puck Building, and now Matt Abramcyk reveals that he and Paul Sevigny are trying to open a quasi–social club there. (This will go nicely with a new lobby.) Negotiations continue and nothing has been inked, but Abramcyk is eager to create what he says would be “one of the most special, beautiful spaces in the world.”

According to Abramcyk, the multilevel 7,000-square-foot space used to be known as the Flywheel Room, and it’s filled with 30-foot-tall, 25-foot-wide steel wheels which were used as auxiliary power when the building contained printing presses (sounds even more impressive than the back bar at his other joint, Smith and Mills).

On another front, he and Sevigny have sealed their consulting deal to help open a still-unnamed lounge in Atlantic City’s new boutique hotel, the Chelsea, that will compliment Steven Starr’s restaurants Teplitzky’s and Chelsea Prime. It opens June 18.

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