Bartenders Reassert Stylishness in the Face of Chef Dandyism

toby maloney

What the well-dressed barman is wearing.Photo courtesy Time Out NY

Yesterday, we continued to marvel that chefs have become beacons of fashion, but we all know that bartenders are the real fops. Guys like Jim Meehan, Sasha Petraske, and David Wondrich arent waiting around for Maxim or Esquire to doll them up in fact, as evident from a Time Out how-to on cocktail dandyism, even Toby Maloney, the guy whos responsible for the mai tais and Zombies at the Rusty Knot, wouldnt be caught dead in a Hawaiian shirt.

The tie is purely ornamental, says Maloney. I prefer a wide tie with a double Windsor knot. It needs to look like an hourglass. Its all about the Vicious V [the V-shaped indentation achieved with a perfectly knotted tie]. If you dont get the V, you retie it, even if youre late.

Even if youre late? When Ken Friedman reads this, we suspect Maloney will get a serious dressing down.

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