Bar Milano Merely Weeks Away; Winegasm Hopes to Avoid Schism in Astoria

Astoria: Winegasm wine bar opens Saturday at 31-86 37th Street; the owners hope to be welcomed into the community, despite having chosen a “controversial” name. [Joey in Astoria]
Chelsea: Taking a step back from scrutinizing restaurant faux pas (like refilling almost-full wine glasses), Bruni spotlights a good deed at Crema as evidence of how some restaurants also go beyond what they are obliged to do. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]
Gramercy: Jason Denton’s Italian trattoria, Bar Milano, hopes to make an early-April debut. [Eater]
Greenwich Village: The Waverly Restaurant is getting a new neon sign, but hopefully it won’t differ too much from the old one. [Lost City]
West Village: Fedora on, West 4th Street, is a throwback to the fifties in look and clientele: “Aside from the sprightly, nearly-ninety Fedora Dorato — who owns the restaurant and still makes all the food — it was ALL men.” [Eater]