Baird Jones's Memorial Party to Be Held at Club He Secretly Tried to Close

Baird Jones, Ivy Supersonic

A capped Baird Jones and Ivy Supersonic.Photo: WireImage (Jones) and Steve Azzara (Supersonic)

Yesterday "Page Six" touted a farewell party for Baird “Bucky” Jones, perhaps the most ubiquitous person on the party circuit until he died of a heart attack last month. It will be at the Plumm, but there’s evidence the Yankee-capped art collector and gossip wouldn’t have wanted it that way. Last November Jones called to tell us that the Plumm’s owner, Noel Ashman, was ripping off promoters and paying wranglers thousands of dollars to bring underage models into the club (take this for what it's worth: Jones himself promoted parties that were “easy on I.D.”). At that time Baird was corresponding with Ivy Supersonic, who goes to court today for vandalizing the club after (according to her) Ashman stiffed her on $1,000 she was owed for promoting a Halloween party (Ashman has refuted that claim and others).

“Noel repeatedly robs his promoters and they don’t have a strong enough backbone to fight back,” Ivy Supersonic told us yesterday. “The only person with a backbone was Baird Jones, who sent me 50 e-mails for Noel Ashman to be indicted and for him to lose his liquor license.” Insisting on anonymity since he needed access to the Plumm for his gossip reporting, Jones helped Supersonic cultivate a list of fifteen people who she says are owed as much as $8,000 by Ashman. In his e-mails Jones called Ashman a “crook” whose “middle name is fraud,” and even advised Supersonic to report to the State Liquor Authority a claim that the Plumm hired strippers for certain celeb parties.

Of course, it’s hard to know who or what to believe here, since clubland is a shady place all around (a Radar obit reveals that Jones was less than honest in his gossip writing, and the only person we could reach was photographer John Roca, who confirmed that Ashman owes him $500 for prints he purchased for one of his former clubs). One thing’s for sure — Jones probably would have preferred his party be at Webster Hall. He once told us that the club paid him $500 every time he was mentioned in "Page Six" as its “art curator,” which explains why the Post didn’t feel the need to cite him as such this time around.

Update: Ivy Supersonic’s court date has been moved to June 11. Noel Ashman tells us he takes rigorous steps to insure that underage patrons aren’t knowingly let into the club. He says that at any club, you’ll find people who wish they were paid more, but most of the Plumm’s promoters are models and actresses that he has worked with for ten years. Finally he says Baird Jones also attempted to close Spy Bar, Peter Gatien’s clubs, and others. “I never took him seriously,” he told us. “Baird always had a cause, and his causes changed with the winds.”

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