A Peek Into the Kitchen of Les Halles on a Not-So-Normal Night

Earlier, we brought you the aftermath of Eric Ripert and Anthony Bourdain’s one-night stint at Les Halles, and now, for those who missed it on No Reservations earlier this week, footage of the actual flustercluck has hit YouTube. Watch as “the fancy French guy and the broke-down guy,” as Bourdain calls Ripert and himself, try to keep up with executive chef Carlos Llaguno. The Ripper, clad in a do-rag, begs for margaritas while Bourdain tries not to pass out. Llaguno’s closing thoughts — “He says he loves his profession, but for some reason he became famous and he doesn’t need to cook anymore” — are kind of ominous in light of Alan Richman’s takedown of the “truck-stop cuisine,” but a note affixed to the kitchen window — “THAT WAS A FUCKING GREAT MEAL” — says that at least someone (if only a Travel Channel producer?) is happy.

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