A Fond Farewell to the Essex Market's Norman Schapiro

norman schapiro

The late, lamented Norman SchapiroPhoto courtesy Time Out NY

A big part of what's great about the Essex Street Market is the way it runs on individual personalities; in that way, it really does hearken back to the old Lower East Side, with it's larger-than-life characters. But while the irascible Kenny Shopsin and the sweet-natured Anne Saxelby continue to ply their trade, Schapiro's Kosher Wine closed back when its proprietor, Norman Schapiro, died in October. With Passover looming, Time Out's Gabriella Gershenson misses him and has penned a poignant tribute to the late scion of the kosher-wine business: “Passover is around the corner, and I am sure that there will be many others, like me, who didn’t hear the news, and will be coming around looking for Norman.” In closing her tribute, Gershenson quotes Schapiro’s last words in a 2006 article:

One man wearing shades strolls past and shouts [to Schapiro], “Hey, boss!” over his shoulder. “They come to buy wine, you see that?” says Schapiro. Then, as if channeling his inner spoiled child, he stamps his foot and exclaims, “I love Schapiro Wine, and I want it to go on forever!”

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