A Blurry, Pleasant Preview of the New York Wine and Food Festival

New York Wine and Food Festival founder and directing intelligence Lee Schrager writes us, outling his developing vision for the festival. Why paraphrase? What follows are Schrager’s words, whispered into the collective ear of his mailing list: “Imagine if you can…walking around an event on a beautiful Friday night in the fall that is held in the historic and scenic Meatpacking District, that features wonderful sponsor buildouts throughout the area, special promotions going on in the many great clubs and restaurants in the area featuring guest chefs and winemakers, and wine and food samplings in the numerous upscale boutiques. Got the picture?” Schrager, having no doubt experienced blowback from telling the Times that he was planning on closing down Ninth Avenue, also asks us to pass along this very unequivocal fact: “We are not closing off any streets.”

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