Who Is This Man? And Where Does He Work?

Yes, he has a tenderizer but does he have a job?Photo courtesy Bravo

Having seen an advance screener of the Top Chef premiere, were all set and ready to dig in and immerse ourselves in the shows patented straight-faced lunacy this season. But something is getting in the way. The most annoying of the new cheftestants this seasons Howie is the high-strung Andrew, supposedly a cook somewhere here in New York. But where? His Top Chef bio calls him a Sous Chef in NYC, but no one seems to be able to give us a hint of where. (One tipster seemed to think that it was at Tocqueville, but the lead was a dead end: Jo Ann Makovitzky, Tocquevilles co-owner, tells us, He does not look familiar to me.) Have you seen this man? Tell us all about him in the comments.

Top Chef Cheftestant Bio: Andrew [Bravo]
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Update: The mystery has been solved. An Eater reader has IDed Andrew D'Ambrosi as a sous chef at Le Cirque.