Produce Carts Approved for Low-Income Areas; Calling a Clone a Clone

The City Council passed a watered-down version of Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal to place produce carts in low-income neighborhoods. The new plan cuts the total number down to 1,000 from 1,500 and reduces the number of targeted precincts from 43 to 34. [NYP]

The Post hit two midtown Starbucks yesterday and found that, while Tuesday night’s three-hour training session for baristas may not have instilled the ability to make perfect drinks, they will remake them as many times as you force them to. [NYP]

A City Council member introduced legislation yesterday that would require meat from cloned animals to be labeled as such. [Metro NY]

The Mercer Hotel’s once-hot basement lounge, subMercer, has officially reopened, but you’re not getting in if you’re not friends with André Balazs. [TONY]

Starting next week, you’ll be able to make afternoon-tea reservations at the Plaza’s Palm Court. [NYS]

The owner of the now-shuttered Siberia is up for the role of a bouncer in a forthcoming film called The Bouncer. [NYP]