What Can’t Pichet Ong Do With Foie Gras?

It's foie gras … it's a taco … it's a foie gras taco. Photo: Erin Gleeson

We checked in with dessertologist Pichet Ong recently and found him inordinately pleased with one of his newest creations: a foie gras Chantilly “taco,” created for the Valentine's Day tasting menu and now served every day at P*ONG. The shell is made of chocolate and hazelnut, the filling foie gras Chantilly, with a little bit of red-chile jam for heat. “It has that creamy, melt-in-your-mouth feel that people want from foie gras, with the crunch from the taco. Everyone loves it.” So says Ong. And there’s more foie in the future!

Next: foie gras dog biscuits. “It's the perfect neighborhood for them, don't you think?” he asks. Bouchon Bakery was New York's first source for the genteel treats, but Ong aims to put his own special spin on the biscuits, the better to please the pampered pets of his West Village neighbors. “I'm going to make them a little bit spicy, maybe seasoned with a little citrus zest, so that there will be a fruity finish.” And who will taste-test these biscuits? Anita Lo’s dogs, of course. Ah, life in the West Village!