Paul Liebrandt Stuns Web With Most Banal Blog Ever

Paul Liebrandt gives it to you straight.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Wonder chef Paul Liebrandt, presumably having some time on his hands while he keeps the world waiting for his restaurant to open, has started a blog, we read in The Feed today, and what a blog it is! The usually garrulous and acerbic Liebrandt’s posts are so brief, pointless, and banal that they can only be read as a middle finger extended into the blogosphere. Among the bombshells dropped:

• “Seoul is quite nice this time of year I hear.”
• “Cloverfield!! stop reading this and go see it!!!!”
• “can you get fresh artichokes in Korea? aparently not.”
• “oh how I love spices.” (Accompanied by a picture of what looks like a Cornish game hen lying in a campground garbage can.)

In a way, the Liebrandt blog is infinitely more entertaining than an actual chef blog, such as Laurent Gras’s L20 one, if only for its unintentional humor value — much as the posters at The Comics Curmudgeon get a million more laughs out of Mary Worth than the supposedly "comic" strips. Can Paul Liebrandt be the Mary Worth of gastronomy? Or at least the Love Is...? As with his restaurant, we’ll have to wait and see.

Paul Liebrandt blogs, keeps mum [TONY]