No Liquor Love for Momofuku Ko and Veselka Bowery; Boulud and Keller Hit Dubai

Momofuku Ko may be ready to open in a couple of weeks, but they’ll have to get by with serving only wine and beer, since David Chang’s rep neglected to bring the necessary petitions to the liquor-license hearing last night. [Eater]

Veselka Bowery was also denied a liquor license by Community Board 3 last night, but unlike Momofuku Ko, it doesn’t seem like they’ll ever be granted one, thanks to Daniel Boulud’s nearby liquored-up establishment. [Eater]
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Don’t be afraid to ask your waiter to put your leftovers in a doggie bag. After all, you did pay for that food. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

Daniel Boulud and Thomas Keller dashed off to Dubai to meet with the head of sales for a new giant development in Abu Dhabi. Can we expect a Dubai Laundry or Daniel Dubai in the future? [Insatiable Critic]

JFK and Newark Liberty will install kosher vending machines later this month, selling such questionable items as hot dogs, pizza rolls, and onion rings. [USAT]

Is forcing kids to eat their vegetables really such a bad thing? Or do you have to hide food that is good for them in brownies? [Bitten/NYT]