New Novel Immortalizes Schiller’s Liquor Bar. Or Does It?

It sure looks like Schiller's on the cover.

Were currently reading Lush Life, novelist Richard Prices tale of life and death on the LES. The plot centers on Eric Cash, the manager of Caf Berkman, a thinly veiled take on Schillers Liquor Bar. At least, we think its Schillers:

On bright quiet mornings like this, when Berkmanns was empty, delivered from the previous nights overpacked boozy franticness, the place was an air palace, and there was nowhere better to be in this neighborhood than sitting in a lacquered wicker chair immersed in the serene luxury of a caf au lait and the New York Times, sunlight splashing off the glazed ecru tiles, the racks of cryptically stencil-numbered wine bottles, the industrial-grade chicken-wired glass and partially desilvered mirrors, all found in various warehouses in New Jersey, by the owner, Harry Steele: restaurant dressed as theater dressed as nostalgia.

Does this sound like Schillers to you? Or is this a composite of other downtown nightspots? Your thoughts, please, in the comments.