Martha Stewart Acquires Emeril, Looks Around for Whom to Eat Next

Martha Stewart consumes a tasty Creole morsel.Photo: Getty Images

In what can only be called a case of intra-celebrity-chef warfare, Martha Stewart Omnimedia has swallowed up Emeril Lagasse's TV properties, including Emeril Live and The Essence of Emeril as well as Emeril's various cookbooks and other assorted Emeril-related media. We're glad to see that the diminutive chef is going to see a big payday for his shows, the production of which was recently canceled by the Food Network. (Old episodes should continue to fill the airwaves until the sun turns red.) This move signals a resurgence of the Martha juggernaut, however. Something tells us that this isn't the last big acquisition she will be making. Watch out, Rachael Ray! Martha is back.

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