Laurent Tourondel to Do All-New Trump Soho Restaurant

The Trump Soho, future home of BLT (what?).Photo: Everett Bogue

The ever-expanding BLT empire is going to have a new addition and one that is a departure from previous generations. The Trump Soho, on which construction has recently resumed, is to have a big, new BLT restaurant, but chef-owner Laurent Tourondel says it wont be a BLT Steak, Burger, Prime, Fish, or Market. Its going to be a new concept, something Ive never done before, he says. Tourondel also shot down a rumor wed heard that a hot, young downtown chef was being recruited to do another big restaurant in the building. Im in charge of all the food and beverage there, so I would know, he asserts. Unless he just isnt telling.