Joe Chirico Allegedly Served As Mob Extortionist; Femme Fatale's Clubhouse to Be Called Come

Brooklyn Restaurant Association president Joe Chirico, indicted last week along with the Gambino clan, allegedly lived a secret life in which he served as an extortionist for the mob. [NYP]
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Foodies all over the country are willing to drop serious money to sit at chefs’ tables, but is it worth the hefty price tag at a place like Café Gray? [WSJ]

If insects aren’t dirty or disease-ridden and they are packed with protein, then why aren’t we eating them? [NYT]
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The name of promoter Emma Cleary’s forthcoming Mott Street nightclub, which will host meetings of her Femme Fatale networking group, is Come. [NYP]
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With its new marketing campaigns and disregard for portion control, Burger King is finding success with the lucrative 18-to-24 male demographic, without getting any of the flack McDonald’s would receive. [NYT]

In addition to posting calorie info about their food offerings next month, chain restaurants will be required to display caloric values for beverages, which might harm sales of items like a 440-calorie chocolate martini. [NYP]

Gael Greene reflects on 40 years of writing for New York: “It was definitely more fun being 40 than it is being a critic for 40 years.” [Insatiable Critic]