Get the Best of West Coast Charcuterie at Mia Dona

porchetta di testa

Why they love Chris Cosentino out there.Photo courtesy Boccalone

If youre not going to the Astor Centers Head-to-Tail dinner with Chris Cosentino on Tuesday, you can also find his food at Mia Dona, the only New York restaurant serving Cosentinos charcuterie. Cosentino met Mia Dona owner Donatella Arpaia when shooting The Next Iron Chef, on which he was a contestant, and goes way back with the restaurants executive chef, Jason Hall. We use their lonza (pork loin). Its amazing. The fat cap is like the finest lardo. And the meat itself expresses the purity of pork its perfectly seasoned and cured, he enthuses. Mia Dona serves the lonza on two crostini one with sheeps-milk ricotta and Sicilian oregano, and the other with winter-citrus mostarda but Hall would like to use even more: I want to use a lot of Chriss stuff, but we cant overwhelm the menu all at once. Cosentino, whom we think of as Californias answer to David Chang, also sells his charcuterie online. Visit Boccalone to order for yourself.

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Video: Inside Mia Dona's Kitchen