Friedman Reveals a Little Bit (Just a Little Bit) About John Dory, Rusty Knot

Friedman, dressed for the dive bar.Photo: Melissa Hom

Deodorant-eschewing Spotted Pig honcho Ken Friedman sits down with Bruni to say not much of anything about what hes planning for the Rusty Knot, his East Villagestyle dive bar in the old West space. Despite the fact that he was last heard talking about the bar in a series of Belvedere ads, he says he doesnt want the sort of exposure Sam Mason enjoyed on this very blog (I was sick of [Tailor] before it even opened) and reveals that his first choice for partner was Amy Sacco of Bungalow 8 rather than Taavo Somer of Freemans a restaurant thats one of his faves despite the fact that the foods never really that good. Ouch!

A Chat with Ken Friedman [Diners Journal/NYT]
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