‘Esquire’ Sandwich Survey Is Spot-on


The Pavarotti at Alidoro, a great sandwich Esquire missed.Photo: Melissa Hom

Ever since that glorious, immortal, probably imaginary day when the Earl of Sandwich, unwilling to leave his gaming table, directed a manservant to put meat between two slices of bread, the art of sandwich-making has flourished. Esquires Best Sandwiches in America offers a deluxe overview of Americas best, and we have to say, its about the most judicious such survey we've seen. The sandwiches chosen for the cities we know well, like the pork-and-provolone number at Johns Roast Pork in Philadelphia, or the Monte Cristo at Canters in L.A., are exactly the ones we would have picked, and the ones from cities weve never visited, like the Reggie Deluxe in Pine State Biscuits in Portland, Oregon (fried chicken, bacon, cheddar, gravy, and an over-easy egg on a cream-top buttermilk biscuit still hot from the outdoor oven), make us want to travel more.

As for the New York picks? There are only a few, but theyre defensible choices. Personally, we think youd be better off going by the Underground Gourmets Sandwiches of the Week, but who could object to the Katzs pastrami sandwich, or the three-terrine bnh m (a favorite of the UG, by the way) at Ssm Bar, or the sweet coppa with hot Peppers and rucola at ino? Not us. In fact, we wish we had one now.

The Best Sandwiches in America [Esquire]
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