Emma Cleary Seeks ‘Sexiest, Savviest Females’ (and a Few Good Men)

Emma Cleary (left) and sexy, savvy company.Photo courtesy Emma Cleary

No word yet on when Emma Cleary’s boîte in the old Double Happiness space will open, but we’ve gotten wind that the promoter turned operator is using the spot’s onetime name, Femme Fatale, for a private networking club that will have its launch party at Upper East Side lounge Lollipop this Saturday, with events to follow around the city. What makes this different from members-only outfits such as Tamsin Lonsdale’s? For one, it’s geared toward “alpha females” in the mold of Cleary's partner, Danijela Lazarevic, former head of a South African events company. But “sophisticated, stylish, and successful women” aren’t the only ones invited, as the press release indicates.

Towering at 6’ and 6’3” respectively, these well-connected night-world socialites are not looking to shut out men with the club’s women-only membership. Men are welcome as guests, but they must be something special to make it into this party — and being good-looking certainly doesn’t hurt.

Wait, so it’s a lot easier for girls to get in than guys? Is it just us, or does that sound like every other club in the city? That said, the tone of the operation, combined with the imminent opening of Mansion’s “Cougar Room,” makes us wonder: Is nightlife having a feminist moment?

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