‘Details’ Announces the Nation’s Top Breakfasts


Part of a complete breakfast.Photo: iStockphoto.com

Fresh off the heels of Esquires Best Sandwiches in America comes Details Best Breakfasts in America. Were beginning to think that these features are a little played out. Since Alan Richmans The 20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die spread in GQ last year, it seems every major man mag is looking to create its own Saveur 100, gathering up the most picturesque greasy spoons west of the Pecos. But who is going to get to all these places, anyway? And since they tend to be written by committee, why should we believe that they are good? They are fun to read, well admit. And we dont squawk at their only giving New York two picks (Barney Greengrass and Mei Lai Wah Coffee House). New York is a horrible breakfast town, where you cant even get buttered toast, much less good shredded hash browns or scrapple.

Breakfast in America [Details]
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