Department of Agriculture Sued Over Beef; Skip Wine Pairings in Top Restaurants

The Humane Society filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the Agriculture Department, alleging the bureau has created a legal loophole that consistently permits potentially sick cows to enter the food supply. [NYT]

The City Council’s bill to place more fruit-and-vegetable street vendors in poor neighborhoods could hurt business for grocery stores and bodegas in those neighborhoods. [NYT]

Even with a reservation, dining at hot spots in L.A. can be just as bad, if not worse, than in New York. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

The downside of opting for pre-chosen wine pairings in some of the city’s top restaurants is getting treated like a second-class diner compared with those who order full bottles. [WSJ]

Gray's Papaya on 14th and 7th will be giving away free hot dogs to the first 500 customers today. Run; don't walk! [Eater]

Why do so many people drink tomato juice on airplanes? No one knows, but the attempts at an explanation are amusing, if not fascinating. [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]