David Waltuck on Cooking in Tribeca for 30 Years; Clover Club Coming to Carroll Gardens

Carroll Gardens: The Clover Club the Smith Street cocktail spot from the Flatiron Lounge people have a sign up. Getting close! [Off the Presses]
Gramercy: Shockingly, for some cooked-food enthusiasts, "some of Pures dishes, and not just obvious things like salad, are downright delicious." [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]
Greenwich Village: Somebody told somebody that a bartender at a new bar told him that Keith McNally may have put a $1 million bid on Minetta Tavern. [Eater]
Hells Kitchen: Video of Dave Martin concocting a special Valentines Day gelato to serve at Crave. [Snack]
Tribeca: David Waltuck "first got behind the stove [at Chanterelle] and set the restaurant on its path to becoming one of the citys most cherished before he was 25 years old. Hes now 53." And ready for a Q with Frank Bruni. [Diners Journal/NYT]
West Village: Grom is totally coming to Bleecker Street, and theyre accepting applications now for a March opening. [Eat for Victory/VV] Was Beatrice Inn raided and shut down last night? [Down by the Hipster]