Can De’Vill Match Its Own Wild (and Ridiculous) Expecations?

Cafe De Vill

Signage soon to be available in stone tablets.Photo: Daniel Maurer

While other places open under cover of darkness, the proud owners of DeVill (coming soon to 68 West 3rd Street in Greenwich Village and having no relationship to Caf Deville) are taking a different approach theyve affixed a screed covering the entirety of their window that reads like the press release from hell. The place hasnt even opened yet, but it has raised the restaurant to unprecedented heights. Does that mean its built on hydraulics? The screed continues with a description of the dcor a clever display of confidence as there is one screen facing monitor exhibiting a 20-hour live video feed of the kitchen and staff at play. At play? Shouldnt they be cooking? Do take a closer look at the sign, because this is just the beginning of the madness.

Cafe De'Vill