Anna Wintour Opts Out of Sammy's Roumanian Conga Line

The face of a heartburn victim. Photo: Photo Illustration: Getty Images, johnnyz's flickr

The Post ran a rather amusing item about Anna Wintour “schmaltzing it up” at Sammy’s Roumanian during a birthday party for Observer scribe Spencer Morgan. An attendee of the party tells us that, contrary to a Post spy’s assertion, Morgan’s friends were in full force at the party.

The keyboard player was on top of his game and dedicated a few Hebrew classics to Spencer. Spencer made a very sweet toast thanking Alexis for the party and his friends for flying in. Things really escalated after the fifth ice block of Ketel One when the keyboard player went into a round of 'Hava Nagila' and a bar-mitzvah-style dance line formed in the restaurant. I think Anna Wintour had left by that point.

Here’s hoping the Post also got it wrong that Anna Wintour didn’t take her fur off the whole night. Anyone have actual photos of her in a Sammy’s T-shirt?

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