Allen & Delancey Gives Area Roués the Late-Night Menu They Have Been Waiting For

"Anything in that room is sexy."Photo: Julie Mack

Theres something about Allen & Delancey that seems nocturnal. The room, even in the early hours, evokes jaded rous, furtive assignations, and the airless ennui of adultery. So the debut of a stylish late-night menu is apropos. Chef Neil Ferguson tells us that the community board extended the restaurants liquor license to 2 a.m. Anything in that room is sexy, Ferguson says. This food, I think, is more for soaking up alcohol. That may be, but the menu is more than a little exciting. Theres a braised lamb neck, rabbit croquettes, and even, in the dessert section, a milk sorbet served with hot cookies made to order. Late-night service begins at 11:20 p.m., Thursdays through Saturdays, starting tonight.

Allen & Delancey late-night menu