Pickles: Will You Eat Them on a Train? On a Plane? At the Drive-in?

This dill's for you. Photo: Photos: Daniel Maurer

After recently ruminating on mustard, Bruni’s blog tackles pickles today, linking to a classic Maury clip where a girl freaks out at the sight of them. Though our copy editor has a similar aversion to the things (she has yet to forgive us for interviewing Roger Janin of Guss’s), we’re big on pickles, hence this photo of a “chilly dilly” served at the Silver Moon theater in Florida, one of the Times’ favorite drive-ins and the only one they know of that sells beer. First-run movies cost only $4 at Silver Moon, but should a NYC restaurateur want to jump on the concept of outdoor flicks, pickles, homemade pizza, and beer (hey, if beef jerky, bowling, and microbrews is possible…), we'd be okay with their tripling that price.

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